"The best quality, without compromise"


LEON INDUSTRIES philosophy is best summed up in that sentence.


Throughout all the manufacturing process, the highest standards apply for the quality of materials, parts and production.


This quality claim applies to all our products, all our services, the reliability of our deliveries, and our after sales service.


In conjuction to our quality claims LEON INDUSTRIES has been certified with the ISO 9001 Quality Management system.


Through its Quality Management System, the organization seeks continual improvement in creating the trendiest designs, the best suppliers and the latest technologies, in order to provide the best products.


Leon Industries ensures control throughout all of its processes, from design, manufacturing, sales and trade of commercial refrigerators, heating and cooling equipments including related accessories.


The company complies with the local laws and regulations, as well as to the ISO 9001 international QMS, to ensure process conformance and product quality.


Leon Industries is committed to reaching and exceeding customers expectations and to continuously work on improving its products.



As an industrial and commercial equipment manufacturer and supplier for the food service industry, we thrive in answering all the needs of our clients in the hospitality business. With our wide range of products together with our business partners, we can tackle any type of project related with kitchens and laundry equipment.


We study innovative kitchen designs and concepts with flexible solutions which are exemplary in their design and function.


We rely on the competence, commitment and knowhow of our local factory to provide products of the highest standards.


We want to be the most appealing and preferred supplier whose excellence and reliability, enables us to develop an international market position.



LEON INDUSTRIES was founded in 1945 by Mr. Leon S Chamichian in Beirut, Lebanon. The object of the company was to manufacture insulated showcases for food and beverage.


In 1951, LEON INDUSTRIES started manufacturing electrically operated commercial refrigerators such as, display cabinets, reach-in-cooler, water cooler, ice cream cabinets and related items.


Through 1968-1970, four challenging goals have been set and successfully achieved:

1. Construction of a new factory in the industrial zone of Zouk Mosbeh, equipped with the latest machinery and technology.

2. The first Middle-Eastern manufacturer to apply injected rigid polyurethane foam insulation in all refrigerated cabinets.

3. Expansion of the production line to include new items, such as, pre-fabricated cold room chillers and freezers, stainless steel furniture and equipments for restaurants, hotels and hospitals.

4. Export to Middle-Eastern and African countries, in addition to strengthening our existing Lebanese market.


Through 1970-1975 LEON INDUSTRIES in addition to its manufacturing program, established importing and trading agreements with leading European suppliers of complete kitchen and laundry facilities, thus, fortifying its market position and becoming one of the leading companies in its field.



Today, LEON INDUSTRIES with its 69 years experience operates on a 4000 square meter lot and has the work force of over 50 employees and is capable of manufacturing and supplying any project that deals with kitchen and Laundry Equipment for restaurants, hotels and hospitals, Supermarket Furniture and refrigerated storage Facilities.


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